Financial Advisory

A way for financial advisors to save time and offer flexible customer service.

Financial products can be complex and are best sold through personalized consultation. While in person consultations are an effective way to build relationships and educate customers, they are costly and time consuming.

Direct banks generally sell online or by telephone and now more and more branch banks are discovering the advantages of modern communication channels. In addition, customers are looking competent financial advisors that are flexible in terms of time and location.

The Snapview platform provides financial advisors with the flexibility to provide personalized customer service from any location. Financial advisors are available to customers through an online profile where they coordinate appointments and meet online using tools like live video, screen sharing, and annotation tools.

Leading direct banks, branch banks and savings banks are already using our technology today.

Travel Advisory

A way for travel advisors to wow customers and shorten sales cycles.

Today’s traveler has more booking options than ever before, with products growing increasingly similar in price and offering. To navigate through the jungle of travel options, customers are increasingly turning to expert advisors.

At the same time, there are fewer travel agents and retail locations available to customers than ever before as firms look for new ways to save money in an increasingly competitive environment.

With live video and screen sharing, Snapview enables personalized travel consultations that will inspire your customers and empower your travel advisors, without the need for costly physical locations and in-person meetings.


A way for insurance agents to expand their sales territory and sell more efficiently.

Insurance products are complex and traditionally sold in-person. For many insurance agents, this means driving long distances to meet with customers to review policies and sign documents, which is expensive, time consuming, and often inconvenient for customers and agents alike.

With the Snapview platform, insurance agents can sell to customers remotely, allowing them to expand their sales territory, save driving time, and meet with more customers in a day. Snapview also provides flexibility for customers who can purchase insurance from the comfort of their homes.

Our technology is embraced by leading insurance companies in Europe and North America today


A way for e-commerce businesses to increase website conversion rates and enhance customer service.

Initially dominated by books and computer hardware, more and more goods are now being sold through online channels. This includes high value, information-rich products, which are normally sold via in-person demonstrations and consultations.

With live video and screen sharing, Snapview lets you provide personalized service to your customers regardless of their location. This means you can give all of your customers the attention they need, increasing your conversion rates and giving you more control over your sales process.


Snapview improves the candidate experience.

In today’s competitive hiring landscape it’s important for recruiters to make the application and interviewing process fast and easy, as job seekers have many options and will quickly move on to other opportunities.

With live video, screen sharing, and annotations, Snapview lets recruiters interview out-of-area candidates, save travel expenses, and streamline the hiring process while still being able to asses candidates through facial expressions, gestures, and posture.

Snapview brings job seekers and and recruiters together at a virtual table creating efficiency and improving the candidate experience.


Snapview enhances health care delivery and support.

A growing number of healthcare providers are embracing telemedicine to provide care to out of area patients and older adults whose health conditions may benefit from in-home care.

Snapview recreates the bedside experience, connecting doctors and patients through live video consultations. With instant screen sharing, doctors can explain test results and show their patients 2D and 3D medical imaging results, increasing patient engagement.

With the Snapview API, our technology integrates smoothly with your IT systems, enabling efficient and user-friendly consultations.