Today’s buyer has more information and purchasing options available than ever before.  One ways sellers can differentiate themselves in this noisy environment is by offering personalized, consultative customer service.  With instant screen sharing and live video collaboration, Snapview enhances communications through every step of your sales process – from prospect to close.

The Benefits

Build Trust & Loyalty

They say seeing is believing. Screen sharing improves transparency to help your clients understand your information-rich products and services.

Higher Customer Engagement

With high definition video conferencing and the interactive pointer tool, your customers will feel like they’re in the same room with you guiding them through the sale.

Faster Decision Making

Faster understanding means fewer back and forth emails and phone calls, leading to faster purchasing decisions.

Fewer On-site Visits

Online consultations reduce the need for costly on-site appointments, eliminating travel expenses, saving time, and enabling a growing remote work-force.

Higher Closing Rates

After implementing Snapview, our customers report up to 2x increased closing rates.

A Seamless Connection

Snapview consultations take place directly through your company website, ensuring a smooth path to success from first contact and appointment setting to closing.


Video Communication

Live, high quality video conferencing lets you share facial expressions and gestures with customers, fostering open communication and helping to build trust.

Screen Sharing

Fast and secure sharing of your desktop, documents, or application windows allows you to visualize your sales material instantly.

Live Collaboration

Pointer arrows and annotation tools enable interactive collaboration between customers and consultants.

Website Integration

Snapview widgets are custom branded and integrated into your company website enabling seamless and professional customer experiences.



Instantly connect with your customers via web browser with no software download or installation.

API / Integrations

Snapview integrates into your IT systems, helping you to achieve high sales efficiency.


Each Snapview module can be used individually; you select the modules that are suitable for your sales and consulting process.

White Label Branding

Our user interface is fully customizable with your own branding and company imagery for a professional look and feel.


Snapview is available in English, German, or any other language you may require for customer communications.


Automatically adapts to different screen sizes; works on desktops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones.


Snapview is Software-as-a-Service: fast and easy to use, use-dependent billing, and no installation or investment in hardware.


As a German-based software firm, we operate according to Germany’s strict data protection and security laws.